23 Jun 2015

Earn Equity in your profit centre

23 Jun 2015
Earn equity
in your profit centre.

The Headford Group has a unique proposal that allows
the top performers in the industry to bill their way into an equity stake.

We believe the best people in the industry deserve the highest return on their investment. We allow high achievers to earn equity in their own brand. The higher the performance of the consultant’s profit centre, the higher the percentage they can earn.

Headford is a true meritocracy and most of our senior management team joined the business as trainee consultants. They worked their way up to their current positions through their personal billing efforts, work ethic and personality fit within the team.

The opportunity to bill yourself into a directorship puts no ceiling on your short-, medium- and long-term earning potential within the group. It’s a selfless approach to the sector and allows the Headford Group to secure the industry’s leading talent.

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